About Trainor

Trainor Associates exists to help Chevy Local Marketing Associations (LMAs) grow and protect their brand share of mind and market share in an increasingly complex marketplace.

We are the trusted advisor for innovation, creative thinking, marketing and advertising, media planning and management, local sales events, integrated sales promotions and programs, measurement, and LMA administrative support. We leverage traditional and new online channels to grow revenue, profit, and return on investment.

Our customer-centric system focuses on the customers in your local market and how to best understand, engage, persuade, and motivate them to demand your brand and buy your Chevy cars and trucks.

This leads directly to showroom traffic and sales.

As Thomas Watson Sr., the founder of IBM, said, "Nothing happens until a sale is made." True customer service and the fulfillment of the brand expectation does not happen until the sale is made.

Return customers and brand loyalty are the hallmarks of successful dealerships and LMAs in local markets.